Modern CCTV

Advanced CCTV technologies today provide real surveillance benefits with broadcast quality images at affordable prices, including upgrading older analogue CCTV systems to high definition without the need to rewire the system greatly improving the image quality and deterrence value.

Automated Gates

Here at VPS we are able to supply a range of custom built certificated automated gates for the commercial market for pedestrian and vehicle use, fully integrated with access control and CCTV technologies and compliant with EN 12453.

Access Control

Modern access control systems provide a convenient and flexible way of safe guarding your building from unwanted intruders by providing check points at the door ways to your secure environment, with key-fob or biometric devices only granting access to those with permission.

VPS Solutions

Your one-stop-shop for integrated security solutions in Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire

VPS Solutions are electronic security providers. We offer a range of services to ensure that those under your care are being protected, and that your work environment is being monitored and kept secure.

The future of security is here

You can trust that any equipment supplied and installed by VPS Solutions is the very latest in security technology. We are constantly investing in the most modern technology which conforms to the latest security standards. Our maintenance and upgrade services ensure that your security systems are in the best condition, providing peace of mind for you and those under your care.

Our Suppliers

“VPS Solutions recently upgraded our entire CCTV system to high definition and carried out further improvements to our network, they are an experienced and skilled modern CCTV contractor who proved to be highly conscientious and professional throughout from the planning, to install. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to carry out any project you have. ”

All of the equipment we use is supplied and installed to the latest standards and manufacturers recommendations

CCTV Installation and Upgrades

Why important?

For security systems to work and continue to provide a high deterrence value it has to be effective in its outcomes, locked doors are only as strong as the locks and CCTV systems are only as good as the images they capture. An effective CCTV system will expose criminal behaviour, it will protect your staff by providing reassurance and it will protect your property by providing clear evidence.

HD and 4K visuals

Crisp, clear CCTV images can mean the difference between a false claim or accusation being proven wrong or criminal activity being detected and investigated. Police resources today rely on modern CCTV systems to deliver a positive outcome in bringing criminals to justice by aiding investigations and providing clear evidence.

Our CCTV equipment is state of the art modern and future proofed with modern network features and multiple connectivity options for large scale installations and remote viewing with mobile apps.

Not as expensive as you think

If your CCTV equipment is outdated upgrading your system may not be as expensive as you think. Existing CCTV cabling (subject to survey) can now be reused to connect the new high definition cameras, meaning that you may not need to pay for a full install. Click here to get in touch for a free, no obligation site visit and quotation.

Automated Gate Access

Safeguarding for your staff and students

An automated gate will help secure the boundary to your property keeping unwanted intruders and vehicles out. Automated gates will ensure your gates are always closed providing a safer environment for those inside and ensure vehicles enter and leave in a controlled manor.

Automated gates fall under the EU Machine Directives EN 12453 a legal requirement, maintaining your automated gates not only fulfils your legal responsibilities but ensures your gates are safe to operate and compliant with the EN 12453 standard.

If you are unsure as to the compliance nature and safety of your automatic gates, then you should switch them off and contact VPS Solutions for a free safety check. Or if you are interested in having automated gates installed to your premises, click here to a free no obligation site visit.

Door Access

Intercom systems and door access control systems are available for simple one door solutions to larger more integrated systems that provide real time network information on the system and its users.

Larger network based door access systems come with free software for controlling the system and its users, running reports and providing access for staff. Access can be controlled via key-pads key-fobs or cards and biometric finger print readers and users programmed into time zones allowing access for the hours you set, access restrictions can also be applied to specific users or doors depending upon the level of security sophistication required.

Door access systems are available with:

✓ Contactless cards and key fobs

✓ Biometrics finger print readers

✓ Audio and video intercom facilities with integrated access control

✓ Network IP based solution for large scale integration

✓ User friendly server or client based free software

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